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Billet Nose Rings


Our Billet Nose Rings have been made specificaly for the REV XP snowmobile. These fit into the existing holes in the front of the machine.

There will be 3 ways to purchase the nose rings:

- install yourself

- send us your nose piece and we will install them for you and send it back to you

- purchase a new nose piece from us with the nose rings already installed


The installation of the nose rings is not that hard, but it is reccomended that you remove the nose piece from your machine and let it warm up to room temperature before doing the installation. The rings just press into the existing holes.






Billet Nose Rings

Description: This is the self installation kit.

Price: $60

Out of Stock

Billet Nose Rings with other purchase

Description: This is the self installation kit, but if you are buying another item from us we are offering a discount.

Price: $55

Out of Stock



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