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Short Track 10 inch Big wheel kits


We have developed a bolt on kit that will allow you to put 10 inch wheels on a short track sled. The benefits of this modification is a very large reduction in the rolling resistance of your track, some people say 5 - 10 mph increase is possible with this modification, but we won't be able to back those claims up until the winter, but you can sure feel the difference when you spin the track with your hand, it is effortless. The second benefit to this modification is the look, it drastically improves the overall look of a sled, and after seeing one of these kits installed the factory setup looks like it doesn't belong.

All of the pieces to our kit will simply bolt right onto your sled, no permanent modifications will need to be made to your sled, and you could easily put your sled back to stock. You will require a 128 inch track to do this modification, as there is no way to fit a 10 inch wheel on a short track sled using the factory track, the wheels would interfere with your suspension.

We will be offering the kits in 3 & 4 wheel packages, it would be recommended that sleds that have been modified to produce large horsepower use the 4 wheel kits, and if you are running studs in your track make sure you add the rubber to any wheel that will be running over the studs.

Another option to the kits is powder coating, you can choose to have either the wheels, or the new suspension components powder coated in a variety of colors.

These kits are very specific to a machine as they use some of the existing bolt holes, initially we will be offering them for REV SC3 (none beaver tail version), REV SC4, and REV XP SC5, XS & G4 R-Motion .

The kit includes the following:

- 2 rear rail extension plates

- 2 rear backing plates

- 1 new axle and the required bushings

- 2 new bumper blocks

- 2 front suspension offset plates

- 24 Stainless bolts & 20 stainless nylon nuts

If you are interested in learning the history on this kit, you can check the following thread out on Dootalk:

** Please note that the suspension in some of these pictures has been purposely compressed and held with straps for racing **

** Items in pictures have been powder coated, the standard kit will come in aluminum, we will be offering powder coated parts as an upgrade **



Ski-Doo SC3 / SC4/SC5/R-Motion Rear Kit: This is the rear portion of the suspension kit, this included rail extension plates, new axle, axle spacers, new bumper blocks, and all stainless hardware. This kit would only be suitable for sleds used in racing applications, for trail riding you will need the front portion of the kit as well. Please note that you will have to also purchase a 128 inch track to go along with this kit, please email or call for pricing on the tracks.

Price: $225 Canadian

Ski-Doo SC3 / SC4 Front Kit: This will include the front portion of the kit that will be required for trail riding sleds.

Price: $100 Canadian

Coming Soon

Suspension Kit Powder Coating: Have your suspension kit powder coated in any of our colors, includes powder coating the rail extensions, axle spacers, bumper blocks, and front plates.

Price: $30 Canadian

Powder Color


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