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REV XP/XR Splash Guard's


These are a great new product we are offering, and if you have a REV XP/XR sled these are something you should consider getting. On these sleds the foot wells have large holes in them from front to back, and due to the placement of the clutch on these sleds if you run through any slush or water it comes right off your ski's, right through your floor boards and right into your clutch, and if you clutch gets wet your belt slips, and we all know what happens when your belt slips (you stop moving). If you are a water runner then these are essential, you really don't want your belt to slip when you are going over open water.....but even if you don't run open water, a lot of times on just regular trails there are wet spots and slush that could be a problem for you.

These foot well plates are made to fit right in, and they come with the rivets to attach them.




All prices are in Canadian Dollars


REV XP/XR Splash Guard - Billet Aluminum

Description: 1 Pair of XP/XR splash guards in a all billet aluminum finish.

Price: $35 Cdn$

REV XP/XR Splash Guard - Powder Coated

Description: 1 Pair of XP/XR splash guards in a powder coated finish. (picture shows an all billet one, but you will get a powder coated set)

Price: $45 Cdn$

Powder Color





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