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Great tools that use very strong stretch cord to maximize the pulling forces that are available to you when pulling on a stuck machine.

Snobunje Rattler:

- Maximizes the pulling forces your body can produce. Pull farther, pull easier and get out of that snowbank!


Snobunje Cobra:

- Can produce and hold hundreds of pounds of pulling force on a stuck snowmobile. Can be used as a snatch strap, creates 300 - 400 lbs of pulling force.


Snobunje Slicktape 20:

- A slick way to use Snobunje Rattler and Cobra. Slicktap 20 allows you to use Snobunje pulling tools standing 20 feet away from a stuck snowmobile. Developed from the same technology that gave us "Kevlar", this super-strong, lite 3/4 " wide x 20 ' long tow-line has a 2,500 pound tensile strength, fits in the palm of your hand and stores in a small nylon bag.


Snobunje Rattler

Snobunje Cobra

Snobunje SlickTape 20


All prices are in Canadian Dollars


Snobunje Rattler:

Price: $85 Cdn$

Snobunje Cobra:

Price: $95 Cdn$

Snobunje Slicktape 20:

Price: $35 Cdn$



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