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Billet Oil Tank Inserts


Tired of your oil tank in your 2 stroke sled leaking oil through the cap? Here is a simple product that is easy to install and will stop your leaks. The oil tank inserts push into the filler hole in your oil tank, and they prevent your filler hole from getting out of round. The inserts fit into the pockets of your oil cap and also seal it better. These inserts feature a tappered bottom edge which makes them easy to install.

Currently available for:

Ski-Doo - S,F,CK3,ZX,REV & REV XP chassis

Polaris - most chassis (1.75 hole I.D)

Arctic Cat - most chassis (1.75 I.D)




All prices are in Canadian Dollars


Ski-Doo REV and XP

Description: 1 Oil Tank Insert

Price: $20 Cdn$



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