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XP Clutch Tower Brace


Skidoo XP Clutch Tower Brace Kit (will fit carb & etec models)

This kit braces the XP Clutch Tower to prevent it from ripping out of the tunnel. Many 08 XP owers had their clutch shaft tower fail last season. BRP made some small changes to the attachment point for the 09 but it still isn't the answer. The brace will keep your clutch tower where it belongs and won't allow it to rip out of the tunnel. If you ride hard this kit is a must.

Highest quality race components

Does not interfear with vent hose

*Lightweight alluminum main tube

*Lightweight 6061 alluminum rod ends

*Billet 6061 alluminum clevis nut

*Lightweight billet alluminum shock tower mount

*Stainless button head fasteners

>EASY 10 minute installation


Optimized angle engineered to create a true triangle that effectively limits secondary clutch tower movement

>Effectively gets more HP to the track by reducing drivetrain friction and binding

>Clutches run cooler extending belt life.

This clutch tower brace fits all 2008-present XP's. It will not fit the XR 4 stroke.




All prices are in Canadian Dollars


XP Clutch Tower Brace :

Description: includes 1 clutch tower brace kit

Price: $175.00 Cdn$



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