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Billet Choke Lever's


Our Billet Choke Lever's are CNC machined, and make a great addition to any sled. They can be powder coated in all of our colors, or they are also available in all aluminum. These have been designed to fit REV & REV XP machines, and we hope to offer them for other brands in the future.

Please visit our pictures section to see larger versions, and more pictures of our choke lever's.

Choke Lever - Billet Aluminum

Description: Our Choke Lever in an all aluminum finish.

Price: $15

Choke Lever - Black

Description: Our Choke Lever finished in high gloss black.

Price: $25

Choke Lever - Color

Description: Our Choke Lever finished in your choice of color.

Price: $25

Powder Color



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